League of Legends: Worlds 2020 Day 3 Matches – Group Stage

The battles in the Summoner’s Rift of League of Legends are leaving us many surprises, on Day 2 we had the cardiac victory of G2 Esports against Suning . Also, very varied results such as the victories of the teams of South Korea and China in many series.



Team Liquid and Flyquest will have the task of giving North America a victory, since so far they have 4 losses in a row . We will review these and more matches of the third day of the Group Phase below in groups A, B and D :

Match Day 3 Worlds 2020 – Group Stage

All departures will be scheduled for Lima, Peru (GMT-5): 

Group A

  • Machi Esports vs G2 Esports – 03:00 am
  • Team Liquid vs Suning – 04:00 am

B Group

  • DAMWON vs PSG Talon – 05:00 a. m.
  • JD Gaming vs Rogue – 06:00 a. m.

Grupo D

  • FlyQuest vs Unicorns Of Love  – 07:00 a. m.
  • Top Esports vs DRX – 08:00 a. m.

Las partidas podrás verlas por los canales oficiales de League of Legends en el idioma de su preferencia:

Formato de la Fase de Grupos

Los 16 equipos han sido divididos en 4 grupos de 4 equipos cada uno. Estos equipos jugarán dos series en contra de cada uno de los equipos, las cuales serán al Mejor de 1.

Por cada victoria, el equipo sumará 1 punto y por cada derrota sumará cero puntos. Al final de la Fase de Grupos, los mejores dos equipos de cada grupo, pasarán a la etapa de Playoffs mientras que, los últimos dos, será eliminados.

Formato del Playoff

During the Playoffs stage, teams will play Best of 5 series, including the final. Also, there will be no Lower Bracket. In other words, the team that loses its series will be eliminated from the tournament.

This stage will take place between October 15 and 31 at Pudong Football Stadium, Shanghai with a live audience.

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