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The competitive League of Legends normally closes with Worlds 2020, the World Cup. However, this has been an unusual year for eSports. Many events had to be postponed and others canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Riot Games has not been defeated by the virus and managed to organize its World Cup; as well as scheduling one last event later this year. Against all odds, the developer announced All-Star 2020.

It is an exhibition tournament where the most prominent pro-players from all competitive regions participate, including Latin America. This edition of All-Star will be completely online. All players, both professionals and influences, will play from home or from the nearest regional studios.

For this reason, the tournament has been modified in two stages: Underdog Uprising and Superstar Showdown.

Underdog Uprising

“Friday, December 18, will be a day full of head-to-head matches between neighboring regions, where the smaller regions will try to overtake the closest regional power. The teams will be made up of the best professionals, chosen by the fans. ”, Describes the official website of the event.

Superstar Showdown

“From December 19 to 20, three super teams will face each other, each from LCK, LCS, LEC and LPL. The LCK and the LPL will meet in the virtual arena on Saturday, while the LCS and the LEC will compete on Sunday. “

Where to watch All-Star 2020

Podrás seguir All-Star 2020 de League of Legends a través de los canales oficiales de Riot Games en Twitch y YouTube. Recuerda que la división de Latinoamérica contará con la transmisión en español.

Representantes de Latinoamérica en All-Star 2020



  • Bwipo
  • Selfmade
  • Humanoid
  • Hans Sama
  • Hylissang


  • Vizicsacsi
  • Amazing
  • Mithy
  • ¡En progreso, vuelve pronto!

Queue Kings:

  • SivHD
  • Overpow
  • Noway
  • Corobizar
  • Elwind



  • Canna
  • Canyon
  • Faker
  • Deft
  • BeryL


  • MaRin
  • Ambition
  • PawN
  • PraY
  • Mata

Queue Kings:

  • Hojin
  • Gary
  • NaraKyle
  • CrazyCat
  • MadLife



  • ¡En progreso, vuelve pronto!
  • Broxah
  • Jensen
  • Tactical
  • CoreJJ


  • ¡En progreso, vuelve pronto!

Queue Kings:

  • ¡En progreso, vuelve pronto!



  • ¡Votación local aún en progreso, vuelve pronto!


  • gogoing
  • mlxg
  • Misaya
  • Weixiao
  • pyl

Queue Kings:

  • ¡En progreso, vuelve pronto!



  • Boss
  • Ahahacik
  • Nomanz
  • Gadget
  • Santas


  • Evi
  • Blank
  • Ceros
  • Yutapon
  • Gaeng


  • Acce
  • Josedeodo
  • Aloned
  • Whitelotus
  • Shadow


  • Chippys
  • Babip
  • Tally
  • Raes
  • Cupcake


  • Armut
  • Robin
  • Blue
  • Zeitnot
  • Japone


  • Hanabi
  • Kongyue
  • Uniboy
  • Unified
  • Kaiwing


  • Zeros
  • Levi
  • Dia1
  • Slayder
  • Palette
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