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The competitive League of Legends calendar is about to end. While Riot Games hosts the 2020 All-Star exhibition event, teams have kicked off signings for the 2021 season.

Team SoloMid was one of the disappointing teams at Worlds 2020 and has started to completely renew its roster after six consecutive losses. ‘Bjergsen’ was the first to retire to move to the role of coach.

In turn, it was confirmed that ‘PowerOfEvil’ will be the one to replace the veteran mid laner, while ‘SwordArt’ will take the role of support for the 2021 season. Curiously, in the transfer process, they did not fire ‘Doublelift’, the which is retired after more than 10 years in eSport.

Today, December 1, TSM announced a new signing for the top line: Heo ‘Huni’ Seung-hoo. The player leaves Evil Geniuses to once again seek their World Cup qualification.

On the other hand, through social networks, the current champion of the LCS of North America dismissed ‘Doublelift’ with an emotional video. There he reviews his career from when he started at CLG until his last World Cup this year.

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