League of Legends: These were the most used champions in competitive LoL during 2020

League of Legends  The characters most played by the pros in each position

Riot Games
Riot Games

L to dcima season of League of Legends put the grand finale just a month ago with the celebration of the 2020 Worlds, where DAMWON Gaming is proclaimed world champion against a Suning.

Now it’s pre-season time, this year comes loaded with new features and significant changes to in-game items that have completely changed the landscape of the game, making it even more prone to oneshots and instant lethal damage and moving away from more cerebral gameplay. and strategic that characterized the game during its first seasons.

We’ll see how the new changes affect the professional game. For now, let’s take a look back and see which champions have been used the most by professional players during Season 10.

Nautilus is in first position with 2072 picks and 925 bans. Of the top 4 regions (Korea, China, Europe, and North America), Nautilus was the most popular in China, with 385 picks . Far behind is Korea with 257. For their part, NA and the US used Nautilus 166 and 133 times respectively. His winning percentage was 48.5%.

In the botlane we also have Aphelios with 2000 picks and 1843 bans. The champion was most popular in China and Korea, the regions that Riot wanted to conquer with its K-pop idol design. All had 296 and 288 picks respectively, and their overall win ratio was 55.2%.

Como es habitual, Syndra sigue teniendo una importante presencia en la midlane. No es de extraar; su jugabilidad, simplificada hasta el extremo y capaz de hacer oneshots con pulsar un solo botn encaja a la perfeccin con el meta actual del juego, y es por eso que Syndra tuvo 1249 picks, as como unos abrumadores 2318 baneos durante la temporada. Su winrate fue del 52.4%, y se jug ms en China con 194 picks.

En la jungla tenemos a otro gran clsico, Lee Sin. El monje ciego sigue siendo un pick recurrente en el juego profesional, a pesar de su manifiesta carencia de ser til en el late game por no tener capacidad de hacer oneshots fcilmente mientras tanquea a otros cuatro enemigos, como demuestra su ratio de victorias de 48.4%. Acumul 1607 picks y 915 baneos, y fue el ms jugado en China con 309 picks.

Por ltimo tenemos a Ornn dominando la top lane con 1909 picks y 1892 baneos. Su ratio de victorias fue de 50.1%, y de nuevo fue el ms jugado en China con 279 picks.

Will 2021 be the year the pro game leaves Lee Sin behind? The abrupt turn towards the gameplay based on oneshots , instant damage and plays that decide the game in the first minutes suggests that the champions with the most burst will once again be the ones who dominate the goal of the game and the strategy will take a back seat to the game. instant gratification that Wild Rift offers and League of Legends wants to chase.


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