League of Legends, the sexy Seraphine cosplay signed Helly Valentine is remarkable – Nerd4.life

League of Legends boasts a large and passionate following, as well as one of the champions available in the game, Seraphine , who we see played in the sexy cosplay made by Helly Valentine . Remarkable, right?

After Miss Bri’s Miss Fortune and Hane Ame’s Ahri, the famous MOBA by Riot Games continues to monopolize the fantasies of cosplayers all over the world.

In this case, the beautiful Helly certainly took some liberties, conveniently eliminating a part of Seraphine’s costume to show her thanks and greet the beginning of 2021 in the best possible way. Nobody will complain about it, we imagine.

Moreover, the photos of the set are many and show the Russian model from all angles, allowing us to admire the attention to detail and the wonders of nature. Enjoy your viewing and Happy New Year!


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