League of Legends: the first details on patch 10.22

The developer of League of Legends Mark Scruffy Yetter has just published new and interesting details about the patch of the game 10:22 Riot , waiting for arriving next week on both LoL and on Teamfight Tacticts .

Through the new Scruffy post we have therefore discovered which interventions will be aimed at the champions that will have to be nerfed or buffed, based on the choices of the developers. For Nasus, for example, we will see a buff of his Resist Bonus of R while for Brand there is a slight buff to the explosion damage of his P and a lower spread of his E that goes from 375 to 300.

However, nerfs and buffs are not the only interventions chosen for this round, which will also feature several adjustments for Annie, Ashe and Jinx, with the first receiving a damage reduction of her E, and the other two having some balances, respectively, to their W and E.

Here are the details explained by Scruffy.

League of Legends Patch 10.22

What do you think of these interventions dear community members?
The discussion, as always, is absolutely open!

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