League of Legends: The best League of Legends kinematics

Riot Games
Riot Games

Until Valorant’s departure, Riot Games was known for only one thing:
League of Legends. But even with just one game in charge, the company
stands out far beyond the gaming world , delivering
cinematics that astonished MOBA fans and people who weren’t
interested in the game at all. These, accompanied by some
incredible songs , have captivated thousands of players to get into the game and
were their first contact with it. Let’s take a look at some of
the best cinematics
Riot Games has brought us to date.

Awaken presents us with a series of confrontations between various champions in
different areas of the world of Runeterra. A pitched battle in Ionia, a
Jhin “show” and even a duel in the sands where Draven is the champion
, all to the beat of the catchy Awaken.

The introductory cinematic of the Fiddlesticks rework puts us in the shoes of
a Demacian soldier and, in just one minute, runs our blood with the terror
that this champion can infuse in his victims. All a genius
that revolves around the main mechanics of the champion; the fear.

The great KDA bombshell is well known to all gamers. With the
rise of K-pop, Riot Games didn’t want to miss out on creating their own
hit band. And what if he did, because today his first video clip
already has 408 million views.

Yone was one of the most anticipated characters since her announcement, and much
of the blame is on the incredible cinematics that was released shortly before its
release. Told from the perspective of his brother Yasuo, it shows us the
guilt he feels for killing his brother and the outcome of this torment that
had haunted him for years.

Hablando de Yone, aqu se nos muestra su destino tras la muerte y cmo consigui
volver a la vida. Todo con una preciosa esttica anime y un combate espectacular
donde Yone se juega mucho ms que su vida…

Acompaando los Mundiales de 2018 lleg Rise, una espectacular cinemtica donde,
con una animacin preciosa, vemos al protagonista vencer a grandes leyendas del
panorama competitivo de League of Legends. Adems, con una cancin que es
difcil de olvidar una vez la tenemos en la cabeza.

Warriors from Imagine Dragons is, without a doubt, one of the most legendary songs ever
made for the game. But its 2020 version, accompanied by
hair-raising cinematics, is not far behind. Our favorite of
all and possibly the one of hundreds of thousands of players who were
spellbound by Lux’s peak moment.


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