League of Legends: T1 signs famous League of Legends streamer Tyler1

League of Legends  Be the new content creator of the Faker team

Riot Games
Riot Games

T yler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp, one of League of Legends’ most followed streamers , wearing the legendary T1 team jersey. This has been announced by the Korean organization through an eccentric video that is very much in line with the content that the controversial North American streamer usually produces.

It is difficult to describe the scenes in the video, which shows a Tyler1 deciding his fate as Neo did in the Matrix movie, only with a much more … picturesque result.

El fichaje de Tyler por T1 responde a la intencin de la organizacin de hacer que su nombre resuene con ms fuerza en el territorio occidental. De origen surcoreano, el club cuenta con una enorme fanbase en su pas de origen gracias a su histrica trayectoria en el MOBA de Riot Games, del que es tricampen mundial.

Gracias al fichaje de Tyler, explica Joe Marsh -CEO de T1 Entertainment & Esports- en The Esports Observer, podrn seguir “construyendo la marca T1 en occidente”.

“Es una gran celebridad y un tipo con el que se trabaja muy bien”, dice Marsh, que tambin aclara que el nuevo fichaje no competir junto a Faker y compaa en el equipo profesional de T1, sino que ser una suerte de embajador de la marca durante sus streamings.

Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok is one of the greatest players in League of Legends history. Despite his recent setback at Worlds 2020, the Korean has become the visible face of the title at the esports level, and recently announced the acquisition of a significant portion of T1.

It was in fact the player who put the signing of Tyler1 on the table after coinciding with the American in the 2019 All-Stars held in the city of Las Vegas. Back then the collaboration could not be forged, but now T1 T1 – the joke is written by itself, as Marsh points out – is a reality.

We will see the first fruits of this collaboration “throughout the coming year”.


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