League of Legends: T1 renews for three years with the successor of ‘Faker’ | SPORTS-PLAY

The team that has won three League of Legends World Cups has signed with a player of only 17 years. Once ‘Faker’ retires this is the boy of only 17 years who will take his place.

It is not easy to replace a legend. Many wonder who will take the place of Lionel Messi on the right wing of FC Barcelona when he retires, as something similar happens in T1.

‘Faker’ is considered the best player in the 10-year history of competitive LoL. T1 has changed its squad on several occasions but ‘Faker’ has remained the most important pillar of the team.

Well now you have competition. A young pro player of only 17 years of age has signed for three years with the Korean team to be the substitute for the midline position. His name is Lee Ju-hyeon, but he is better known in the LoL world as ” Clozer .”

In 2019 he made the leap from the T1 academy to the first squad and now he secures his contract for two more years with the option to extend for an extra year. Do you think he will be the one who leads T1 to win the World Cup once again?


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