League of Legends professional player fined for forgetting Punishment in a game

A curious situation developed last Sunday at the LPL , the professional League of Legends competition in China, called the best and most important in the world in the last two years. What happened was that Wei, the jungler of eStar Esports forgot to take the Punishment in the first game of the series against Bilibili Gaming.

The team lost the game, but then with the correction of the error and two good games they managed to take the series against their rivals 2-1, and get the victory for the standings. However, Wei was severely sanctioned by the organization.

En un comunicado oficial, eStar explicó que “luego de una discusión, la dirección del equipo decidió deducir el salario de un mes de Wei y ofrecer una crítica a la conducta del equipo para prevenir éste tipo de errores en el futuro”.

Claramente la sanción se ve demasiado fuerte, pero tampoco sorprende, ya que sabemos la severidad con la que se manejan en el país oriental. Aún así, desde eStar Esports entienden que el error debe servir como ejemplo y la sanción busca evitar que algo por el estilo vuelva a suceder.

On a personal note, the sanction looks very severe for what really happened, since it was an inadvertent mistake and not something deliberate. In addition, eStar ended up taking the victory of the series, so the defeat in the first game of the series did not end up hurting the team.

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