League of Legends players report bug that eliminates both teams

League of Legends concept art.

League of Legends players have been having fun with the new limited game mode called URF Deathmatch. The mode consists of offering new rules to the players so that there is variety with respect to the competitive standard mode. This week the idea is to finish off the enemy and achieve certain objectives that will cause the nexus to start burning them.

When this is achieved victory is easy as the enemy is unable to stay alive too long, that is when you can end their nexus quickly and win. However, this funny one causes both teams to start taking constant burn damage, so no one can win.

League of Legends art.

Solomonic death

El bug se vio por primera vez en Reddit gracias al usuario xpozurez que compartió como logró asesinar a un enemigo al mismo tiempo que él moría por quemaduras. Algo habrá estado mal escrito en el código para el modo de juego, ya que el programa interpretó que entonces ambos equipos debían recibir daño.

Two people killed each other at the same time in URF and everyone burned permanently from leagueoflegends

Como se puede ver en el video, una vez el jugador acaba con el enemigo todos los personajes desaparecen del mapa. Poco después reaparecen pero no duran demasiado en el campo de batalla ya que la penalización de la quemadura alcanza a todos y nadie puede ganar.

According to DOTesports.com, this same bug has been reported multiple times in other game modes and has yet to be fixed. It is worth noting that activating it is very unlikely, but it is still possible and the game is ruined for everyone.

Despite the bug, the community has taken it with humor, especially on Reddit which is where we can find the most active and largest LOL community on the internet. This game mode can be enjoyed alongside other themed end-of-the-year activities until January 11.


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