League of Legends Patch 10.25B: Hotfix Before Christmas

Riot Games confirmed some time ago that on December 9, the day on which League of Legends patch 10.25 was released, the work of updating the game was going to stop, ending the year 2020 officially.

However, in the face of several adjustments with which they have not been entirely happy, they are going to release a hotfix patch  , as they say, for next December 16, and it will be called  patch 10.25b.

This has been confirmed by Mark Yetter, in charge of communicating through Twitter the changes that are applied in the different versions of League of Legends, highlighting many  nerfs to champions and the occasional  buff . We go over it.

10.25B Patch Notes (Dec 16)


El daño de escalada del inmolar cambia de 12% a 72% por segundo a 10% hasta 60%.

La velocidad de movimiento de la pasiva cambia de 40-70 a 30-60%.

El daño de la pasiva se modifica, de 39-180 + 60% del AD base + 50% del AP a 29-180 + 60% del AD base + 40% de AP.

La resistencia mágica baja de 32.1 a 28.

El CD de la W cambia de 16-12 a 18-16.

El daño base de la E baja de 60-180 a 50-170.

El coste de maná de la E asciende de 40 a 50 de maná.

El ralentizar de la Q cambia de 29-45 a 25-45%,

Además, la velocidad de ataque que otorga la W desciende de 55-95% a 50-90%.


El AD por nivel aumenta de 3 a 4.

La armadura base sube de 35 a 38.

El daño de la Q sube de 65-145 a 75-155.


El coste baja de 3400 a 2500 de oro.

Ya no da AD (de 25 a 0).

Las descargas de la pasiva cambian de 40-70% del daño a 40% del AD.

It is no longer done with a Pick, but with a dagger.

Casting the E in combat on the Rell itself no longer removes the link to an ally.


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