League of Legends listed as the 12 most profitable sports business

Through the SportsPro Media website , we have learned that currently League of Legends as an esport is in the top 15 of the most profitable sports businesses globally . Specifically in position 12 of the classification .

League of Legends listed as the 12 most profitable sports business

The SportsPro Media list includes the 50 best business deals. These are valued against a virtual universal currency that aims to become a benchmark for potential investors.

The value of each property comes from a survey that is carried out on a monthly basis with more than 250,000 people . Thanks to them, the perception that consumers between 13 and 64 years of age and from different countries have on X business is studied.

In this way, the impressions are obtained according to some parameters (passion, enthusiasm that it provokes, favourability …) that the public has regarding certain companies and their respective sponsors.

On this occasion, 185 sports and businesses were exposed globally in the survey, and of all of them League of Legends has managed to appear in 12th place out of 50 .


La puntuación y valor total del videojuego de League of Legends según los encuestados es de 28. En este resultado se destaca el valor que ha obtenido en diferentes ámbitos. Es el caso de su imagen como un negocio bastante llamativo (33.72), así como bastante intenso (29) y también bastante emocionante (29).


Aunque con diferentes puntuaciones, su valor de 28 lo comparte con otras empresas deportivas y deportes como es el caso de la Fórmula 1, el Mundial de Fútbol femenino o incluso el club de fútbol del Liverpool. Hasta ha llegado a adelantar en valor a la liga española de fútbol o al equipo de la Juventus.

Above it are great heavyweights such as the World Cup, the Summer Olympics or even the NBA league that are at the top of the list.


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