League of Legends launches merchandising line for Valentine’s Day

If one of the things you have in common with your partner is an unbridled passion for League of Legends, its universe and its characters, here are a few gifts that you can buy now to get to the big day on time.


Riot Games has launched a League of Legends merchandising line focused on the celebration of Valentine’s Day in its official store . This collection consists of accessories, stuffed animals, mouse mats and much more.

Xayah and Rakan return with their bracelets to be the protagonists of this year’s Valentine’s collection, which includes items that everyone will fall in love with.

Con este texto abre la colección que encabezan las pulseras de Xayah y Rakan, la pareja de campeones que protagonizan esta línea de productos que podéis consultar al completo en este enlace. Hay también llaveros y una alfombrilla con motivos de estos dos personajes.

Otras piezas de la colección son un colgante con motivos de Giants, el tema del grupo True Damage y una pulsera de Ekko, miembro de este mismo grupo ficticio que creó el tema del último mundial.

También hay un set de tarjetas de San Valentín, varios campeones convertidos en adorables muñecos de peluche, camisetas, toda una línea de poros con trajes temáticos bastante simpáticos y rebajas en productos que ya estaban a la venta y que podéis consultar desde aquí.

Equipped with these accessories, you will already be together for the hours that you are going to spend exploring all the news of a very powerful tenth season that began a few weeks ago with everything to be expected in a new stage of competitive play. New champion, new cinematic and a good collection of balance tweaks to lay the foundations for a new year in which Riot Games is going all out.


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