League of Legends: K-POP K / DA Group Makes the Cover of ELLE Singapore Magazine

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Singapore is known as the ” Pearl of Asia ” by many, thanks to its millionaire lifestyle and economic significance in the Southeast Asian area. It also has high fashion standards that make the specialized magazine ELLE Singapore one of the most important in that area in the world.

Now this same magazine has put the fictional League of Legends K-Pop band, K / DA, as the cover for this January 2021 . We do not know if there has been an event like this on other occasions (that fictional singers from a video game pose for the cover of a prestigious fashion magazine), but this is something very significant both for fashion and for the video game industry.

In the Instagram post where the announcement was also revealed, the prestigious fashion firm affirms: “The new generation of pop stars that leaves us wanting more are virtual, but their stardom could not be more real. Debuting in 2018, Riot Games’ pop music group K / DA has reached critical mass today: their ALL OUT EP displays a virality that is irrefutable. Their title track MORE has topped the iTunes K-Pop charts, charting 62 million streams on YouTube and counting, and the group took home the Best Visual Idol award from the QQ Music Boom Boom Awards last month. “

This very well represents the impact that video game fashion and pop culture could have in real life in the future. This may seem silly to many, but without hesitation I think it is further proof of the importance that video games have taken in this last year of the pandemic and how the catwalks of the future could be virtual.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Cobertura / Instagram / Discord


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