League of Legends is among the 20 best-selling sports brands. Passed Formula 1 and Serie A

The Riot Games video game has more value than NFL and La Liga in the eyes of users.

League of Legends? It is a more tempting business opportunity than Formula 1, NFL and Italian Serie A football. SponsorPulse has compiled the list of the 50 best-selling sports brands and Riot Games’ video game, a pillar of the esports world, is 12th behind the Champions League, Europa League and the Winter Olympics. But in front of big names in traditional sport.

OPPORTUNITIES À – What does that League of Legends is a trademark of other more marketable? SponsorPulse’s Opportunity Score is calculated on the basis of seven parameters to evaluate, for example, the attitude of enthusiasts towards that brand, what is the propensity of people to acquire the products of the companies that sponsor a given sports property and whether this the latter is growing, decreasing or experiencing a moment of stagnation. “This score represents a universal currency that offers immediate context when multiple opportunities are evaluated,” explained Adam Mitchell, global lead at SponsorPulse. “There was a significant opportunity among gaming properties. League of Legends, Call of Duty and Overwatch are growing in North and South America ”.

TOP 5 – Nella classifica generale sono inclusi 20 marchi calcistici (sia tornei sia singoli club) nelle prime 50 proprietà sportive più vendibili. Al primo posto c’è la Coppa del Mondo di calcio, davanti alle Olimpiadi estive. Seguono la NBA, il Real Madrid e il Barcellona. Call of Duty è 41esimo, mentre Overwatch è al 55esimo posto per vendibilità del marchio. La Juventus è 18esima. L’Inter è ventesima mentre il Milan è stato giudicato la 22esima proprietà sportiva.

SPONSOR – League of Legends supera tutti gli altri esport: ha ormai una portata internazionale, con leghe regionali che radunano milioni di spettatori. Ha accordi con importanti società non endemiche, come Louis Vuitton e Mercedes, che sponsorizzano o le leghe regionali oppure l’annuale Worlds, il più importante torneo del gioco.


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