League of Legends: Inter wish Suning Gaming good luck for the world final!

The Chinese holding also owns the Chinese team finalist of the 2020 World Championship.

As of this writing, the grand final of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship , the PC video game with over 100 million monthly players, is being held. The South Korean guys from Damwon Gaming and the Chinese guys from Suning Gaming reached the final. The name of the latter, to football fans, will certainly sound familiar: the Chinese team is in fact owned by the same holding company which also includes Inter, demonstrating how Suning looks at traditional sports with one eye, and with each other to those of the future.

BEST WISHES – Between the two teams there has always been an excellent relationship: it has in fact happened numerous times in the past that the two teams wished, through social media, good luck for the upcoming matches. And in view of the League of Legends final, Inter have decided to wish the Chinese players good luck once again with a video message recorded by Matteo Darmian, Nicolò Barella and Lautaro Martinez.


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