League of Legends: Final of the Latin American League will be in Talcahuano

The final of the Latin American League of League of Legends already has a venue and date. The event that will crown the champion of the closing tournament and put an end to the first year of the LLA, will take place in the Tortuga de Talcahuano, in the province of Concepción in Chile on August 31.

The decision, as explained by Riot, was made in part because the south of Chile has one of the most loyal communities to the popular game, it is more as Eduardo Yon, director of Esports of Latin America at Riot, explained to us,  “the entire province of Concepción , in terms of ‘concentration of players per population’ is one of the highest we have in Latin America “. 

“This is also a prize for the fanaticism that exists for our game in that region, and several things come together, we look for places that want to receive us and Talcahuano offered us a super good place to do our show,” he added.

From Riot they are already preparing the event, – tickets are already on sale – all in order not to repeat what happened in Colombia, where part of the event prior to the final was highly criticized for including a freestyle part.

“Maybe there we can’t find what our audience wanted and we are going to go out and find it again, we owe it to our audience and we have to find something that they like , so we are going to try to produce something that is beautiful for them. , entertaining, but the first thing we have to offer is a super good sports show “, he details.

Anyway, he mentions that they are the first to piss off what happened in Colombia.

What happened to Mexico? 

This is the question that undoubtedly several League of Legends followers from the northern part of the continent are asking, given that after the Latin American North and South leagues were united into a single one based in Chile, they expected one of the end of the year will move there. 

According to the director of Esports, there is no forgetfulness with the country, and he adds that “we hope to be there soon, we are looking for a way to get there” , in any case he informed us that Mexico was not an option for this final, given that the previous one had been in Colombia, which corresponds to the north taking the game servers as a reference, so now it was the south’s turn.



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