League of Legends details the history and abilities of Seraphine, its new champion

Riot Games is on a roll and they don’t stop bringing out new champions for League of Legends , now, in full celebration of the World Cup, they have introduced Seraphine as the new face of the Summoner’s Rift.


Until now we have known this young singer as one of the virtual stars that make up the fictional group KD / A, but soon we will have her fighting shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the champions in the competitive games of this MOBA.

In a couple of official entries, the champion’s abilities are detailed as well as part of her history and personality.

  • Passive: Stage Presence
    • Cada tercera habilidad básica que utilice Seraphine tendrá eco, por lo que la utilizará automáticamente una segunda vez. Además, cada vez que utilice una habilidad cerca de un aliado creará una nota. Cada nota otorga más alcance a sus ataques básicos y hace que inflijan daño mágico adicional, lo que consume la nota.
  • Q: Nota alta
    • Seraphine proyecta una nota pura, lo que inflige daño mágico que aumenta en función del porcentaje de vida que le falte al objetivo.
  • W: Sonido envolvente
    • Seraphine envuelve a sus aliados con una canción, lo que les otorga a ella y a sus aliados velocidad de movimiento y un escudo. Si Seraphine ya cuenta con un escudo, puede curar a los aliados cercanos, lo que restaura vida en función del número de aliados cercanos.
  • E: Clímax musical
    • Seraphine unleashes a large wave of sound, dealing magic damage to enemies in a line and slowing them. Roots enemies that are already slowed and stuns enemies that are already rooted.
  • R: Until
    • Seraphine takes over the stage, projecting a captivating force that casts a spell on enemies and deals magic damage. Any champion hit (including allies) becomes part of the performance, increasing the range of the ability and granting allies maximum notes.

All the details about the creation of this character can be found in this official publication in Spanish .


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