League of Legends: Buffs and Nerf Coming for Mythic Items Before Next Season!

In a new post published on Twitter, Riot developer Mark Yetter has revealed some new details related to the mythical items of League of Legends .

In fact, it seems that various mythical objects will have to undergo new rounds of buffs and nerfs, even if Mark Yetter explained that these are purely “balancing” interventions, which should not therefore affect the performance guaranteed by the various item.

From Trinity Force to Goredrinker, let’s go and see all the details of the next interventions coming and announced by Yetter :

Changes to Mythic Items

mythical objects

There are still doubts about the actual release date of this patch, although it is certain that it will be released before the start of the eleventh competitive season. The start of the next season is scheduled for the beginning of January, and therefore it is presumable that these hotfixes will see the light no later than the next few weeks (or in any case by the end of the month).

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