League of Legends: ‘Ancestral Forest’, the skin line for forgotten champions

League of Legends  Riot responds to pleas from fans of Ornn and other characters

Riot Games
Riot Games

Riot Games has had a busy year in terms of releases. We’ve seen a
host of new champions, as well as a variety of new
skins for the vast majority of champions. We already
know everything about Rell
, the next addition to the list of
playable characters.

However, within the roster there is always a list of characters that
seem to be forgotten
by the developers and have become a
joke for the community if we compare them with the amount of aspects that
champions like Lux or Ezreal receive. But the ”
Ancestral Forest” skin line comes to please those players of such
forgotten champions

Ornn is a champion who, despite his large number of players (even in lines
other than the top) and his more than solid competitive presence, has not seen a
skin since its launch more than 3 years ago. With the exception of his
“Ornn Lord of Thunder” cast skin, the “Ornn Ancient Forest” skin will be the
first cast for this champion.

Riot Games

Although it is a look that has been asked of Riot for a long time, the
company does not try to line its pockets with the expectation of finally
offering another “look” to Ornn. This is because 100% of the profits from this
aspect will go to the “Riot Games Social Impact Fund”, which is dedicated
to charitable causes.

Otro de los campeones “olvidados” es Ivern. Ciertamente, el amigo del bosque
recibi su aspecto de “Rey del mate”, pero los jugadores no terminaron
especialmente contentos. Muchos lo tachaban de “poco serio” y pedan algo que se
distancie un poco de la actitud amigable y bonachona de Ivern. Todo apunta que
“Ivern Bosque Ancestral” es precisamente eso, una skin que presenta realmente un

Riot Games

Adems de Ornn e Ivern, el Emperador de Shurima Azir ha recibido su nuevo
aspecto tambin. Es cierto que entre los 3 campeones mencionados es el que ms
aspectos tiene, pero hay que destacar que es el primero desde 2017, por lo que
los jugadores de la paloma imperial de la grieta estarn ms que contentos.

Riot Games

Por supuesto, los tortolitos de la grieta, Xayah y Rakan, tambin reciben sus
respectivos aspectos. Estos dos personajes tienen una buena cantidad de skins,
pero no debera disgustar a nadie pues hay que decir que se ven sencillamente

Riot Games

It’s no coincidence that we’ve recently seen
skins for champions like Singed, Aurelion Sol, Skarner, Anivia, etc … All champions with very few
recent skins . This is because Riot has made a commitment to offer at least one
skin to those champions who have received the least affection in recent

We will all agree that the more variety in terms of champions
with skins, the better. Riot Games is a company and it’s normal for Lux to get a new
look every so often, but there are many less
popular champion players who appreciate being reminded of them from time to time. And if, as in
the case of Ornn, it can help charitable causes, all the better.


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