League of Legends All Star: how to vote, what regions are there and the absence of G2 Esports

The League of Legends All Star will be played next December and Riot Games has already enabled the web to vote for your favorite players . Or at least for those you want to be on that date, of course. They will not be open for a long time, as they will close on November 17 at 08:59 (Spanish peninsular time).

The voting process is really simple, since all you have to do is enter the All-Star voting page by clicking on this link  and log in with your Riot Games account. Once inside, click on ‘Create your All-Star team’ to start the process.

Here it will send you directly to the players in your region and you can select one per position . Unlike what happened in other years, this time not all the players in the league are there and the absence of the G2 Esports quintet is striking in the case of the LEC , although for the moment they have not commented on the matter.

Once you have chosen five players, you have two options: set the votes now or vote in the additional leagues , an option that will allow you to vote in the rest of the leagues present as well. However, as has been the case for a few years, your votes will count more for the region in which you are registered.

You can freely choose whether to vote in all leagues or only those that generate the most sympathy or follow them most often. In addition to the LEC, there are also the LCS (North America), the LJL (Japan), the LCL (Russia), the LCK (South Korea), the TCL (Turkey), the LPL (China), the CBLOL (Brazil), the LLA (Latin America) and, finally, the OPL (Oceania). The absent ones are, therefore, the Vietnamese league and that of the rest of Southeast Asia.

When you have finished you can click on ‘Send’ and from there it will give you the option to set your votes . It is important to note that, either here or after finishing the LEC elections, once you set your votes there will be no going back and you will not be able to vote for players in leagues in which you have not done so yet.

If you have completed the voting process you will see how the results are going . The truth is that the page shows them in a very graphic way, highlighting the most voted at the top and putting the percentage of votes received on the left. Lets vote!


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