League of Legends, a sexy Miss Fortune in the Miss Bri cosplay –

League of Legends returns as the protagonist of the cosplay corner , in this case with a sexy interpretation of the pirate Miss Fortune made by Miss Bri .

After the elegant version of Hatarubi, the LOL champion therefore presents herself in a traditional outfit, enriched by the sympathy of Bri.

Sarah Fortune, a ruthless Bilgewater captain known for her beauty and determination, stands out among the criminals who populate the port city.

As a child she watched the pirate king Gangplank slaughter her family, an act she would avenge years later by blowing up her ship while he was still on board.

Anyone who underestimates her is bound to be faced with a dangerous and unpredictable enemy … and in all likelihood a few bullets in the stomach.

Also in this case it is not the only set of photos that Bri has dedicated to Miss Fortune: here below you will find the other galleries.


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