LCK launches its new brand for 2021

The League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) starts the year with a new look .

The Korean league has left behind its star with its eagle of the previous seasons to give way to a new brand “inspired by the sky” with a much more minimalist logo.

“Our new brand features the contemporary and confident language that showcases a new era for our league,” stated the LCK in an official statement. “Our logo captures the confidence and sophisticated spirit of our league. Made of two simple triangles, it represents the past and the future, the two sides of the Rift, and the power of the wings of a bird in flight. Our shield respects precise angles, is inspired by geometry and our historic brand.

A video posted on the LCK Twitter account indicates that the league’s “new era” will include aesthetic and production changes.

“Every aspect of our brand represents our attitude, effort, confidence and creativity,” declares the LCK website. “Backed by a series of principles of design and movement, we bring our attitude through every element of our visual language.”

The principles that stand out within the new LCK brand are contrast, minimalism and the ability to “create a world with unique atmospheres.”

The changes within the brand’s production seek to empathize with the moment, depth and dimensions.

The LCK has not yet announced when the 2021 Spring Split will start , but last year the league started in February with matches until mid-April.

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Article originally published in English by Max Miceli on Dot Esports on January 3



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