KT advances to KeSPA Cup semifinals unbeaten 4-0 –

He finished the group stage of the KeSPA Cup for group B, and did so with KT Rolster going directly to the semifinals. In this way, we already have the final table of the qualifiers, which after their group stage will be played to the best of 3 .


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And he does it perhaps with the biggest surprise of what we have of the tournament: KT Rolster. One of the teams most criticized during the preseason in Korea for what he pointed in terms of rosters and what he has finished. Said and done, 4-0 in groups and direct to the semifinals with players returning to show signs of better days, like Ucal.

Y lo hacen en un grupo B en el que no lo han tenido fácil, pues se encontraban en Gen.G y Hamwha Life. A estos últimos derrotaron en la última jornada para certificar su primera plaza de grupo y saltar la ronda de cuartos. De hecho, tanto Hamwha Life como Gen.G disputarán dicha ronda en la parte baja del cuadro.

In the last game of the day they defeated T1 , who leaves the tournament without victories. Emphasize that they came to KeSPA with the Challenger team, so we will have to wait to see Faker, Canna, Keria and company. On the other side of the table, DAMWON Gaming swept 4-0 , the same result as KT in this KeSPA Cup, and also progressed to the semi-finals. For their part, Nongshim RedForce and Liiv SANDBOX will play the quarters.This tournament will end on January 2. You can follow it in Spanish on the korea_rising stream on twitch.tv .


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