Kratos from God of War is now available in-game

Kratos , the protagonist of the God of War game series , is already part of the Fortnite universe . This popular character linked to the PlayStation brand is now available within the game from Epic Games as a selectable skin within the brand new Season 5 of Fortnite .

As reported by the North American company, Kratos’ costume can be purchased in the game’s item store, both individually, as part of a set that includes other items related to the character, such as the guardian shield , the Leviathan ax. or the head of the Mimir .

Epic Games has published a trailer dedicated to the arrival of this character to Fortnite.






“Kratos is one of the first hunters to join Season 5,” states Epic Games . “After facing enemies capable of destroying the world, stopping the existential threat posed by the loop will be a breeze.”

The version of Kratos that has arrived in Fortnite is the one that shows the most recent appearance of the character, that is, that of the Norse god from his last and acclaimed adventure for PlayStation 4 . The character is available in all versions of the game, also for platforms that, in principle, are direct competitors of the Sony console, such as Microsoft’s Xbox or Nintendo Switch .


Kratos’ items that are also available in Fortnite

Epic Games

It is convenient to remember that Sony, the company that owns the rights to the character of Kratos, invested 250 million in Epic Games in an operation that was announced this past July.

The God of War is one of the first additions to the new season of Fornite , which began last Tuesday after reaching a new user record after gathering 15.3 million simultaneous players in the Galactus event .













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