KIA will be the new sponsor of the League of Legends world champions

The Damwon Gaming team , the current reigning world champion of League of Legends, has entered into a multi-year agreement with KIA Motors , the famous South Korean brand founded in 1944. 

The details of this new agreement are not yet known, what Damwon themselves announced through their twitter profile is that it is a multi-year agreement with the aim of expanding the team’s image globally. Furthermore, the champions have announced that for this new agreement next season they will change their name to DWG KIA and that they will probably also change their logo to include that of KIA as well. 

This new partnership allows KIA Motors to be present as a sponsor in three of the major League of Legends championships. In fact, in addition to the agreement with the Damwon and the presence within the LCK , KIA is the official sponsor of the LEC , the European championship, and sponsor of the Rogue , the North American team with which it signed an agreement last March. 

This agreement, however, has not particularly affected the DWG roster at the moment, which for four fifths has remained the same as last year. The only role that underwent a change was toplaner, where the Korean team swapped their Nuguri with Khan from the Chinese FunPlus Phoenix team. 


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