KIA sponsors the League of Legends world champion and will be present on his behalf

Kia Motors , the well-known South Korean car manufacturer, becomes the new sponsor of DAMWON Gaming , also acquiring the naming rights and renaming the team DMW Kia , as reported from the club’s own Twitter account.

DAMWON is a South Korean team that was created in 2017 and entered League of Legends with the acquisition of MiraGe Gaming. In their first year they had a discreet performance, although they already stood out in the KeSPA Cup 2017 and shone in the Challengers Korea during the following year, achieving promotion to the LCK.

In their first season in the LCK they already left samples of their quality and, although they had to settle for a fourth place in the spring, they managed to be third in the summer split and qualified for Worlds , where they reached the quarterfinals, round in the one that fell, in Madrid, before G2 Esports.

After this good experience, and only adjusting its handle, 2020 has been the year of DAMWON . They did not have a good spring split and returned to fourth place, but in the summer they improved and took their first LCK title, thus achieving direct qualification for World.

It was in that appointment where they really shone, since they swept all the rounds. In the playoffs they eliminated their compatriots from DRX and G2 Esports and qualified for the grand final , in which they also imposed their game and were far superior to Suning to win their first World Cup.

It is not the first sponsorship of KIA in the world of electronic sports, since it is one of the sponsors of the LEC, the highest European League of Legends competition. But it does mean that they position themselves very well in their native country by the hand of, nothing more and nothing less, than the world champion.

DAMWON is currently playing the KeSPA Cup , a competition to which several of the participating teams have gone with all their starters. They are the big favorites to take the title, as a successful squad has been joined by the talented Khan and Kkoma, one of the most recognized coaches in the international League of Legends.


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