Josedeodo signs for FlyQuest: first Argentine in LCS

The LATAM region of League of Legends shows incredible annual growth, and it is that beyond Brazil and the rest of the countries having different domestic competitions, the South American countries have more and more talent in the game.

In fact, the clear example is Rainbow7, a Mexican team that conquered the LLA 2020 and, thanks to this, played the 2020 Worlds making the odd memorable match, such as the victory against LGD in groups.

One of its stars, Bradon Joel Villegas, better known as Josedeodo , has been announced as a brand new LCS player in FlyQuest, a team that, from now on, has an Argentine in its ranks.

In his official presentation, Josedeodo is compared to Argentine soccer stars such as Maradona or Messi, alluding to the pleasure they feel of presenting a future League of Legends star as the former Rainbow7 player.

The Argentine is the first player in South American history to compete in the LCS, NA’s largest LoL competition, and he is more than proud of the opportunity he has received, ensuring that he will make the most of being able to play in FlyQuest.


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