IWD and Veteran give note to LEC players

The streamer IWillDominate and Veteran, coach and analyst in the US, gave a score to the players who will play the LEC Spring Split in 2021. To do this, they have based on the individual assessment that each one gives them and then find an average between both of them.

There are some surprises, some differences, and considering the different responses of many players to that thread, I am sure that at the end of the split this document will appear again .


Wunder and Bwipo command this category in which Broken Blade enters fourth in what will be his debut in LEC. He also surprises Szygenda as fifth for being a rookie.

At the bottom, it is surprising to see Jenax having rerolled and being important as a toplaner, and also Armut as second to last despite his role in Worlds.


Poca sorpresa en las dos primeras posiciones: Selfmade y Jankos. Pero sí la tercera posición de Tynx, el cual sólo tiene valoración de Veteran y por tanto su media sube. Lo mismo con Dan en la quinta plaza.

Elyoya y Razork aparecen en la parte baja de la tabla, al igual que Gilius pese a haber sido revulsivo en S04 en verano de este año. Skeanz ocupa la última posición.


Caps, Larssen y Humanoid lideran esta categoría. Sorprende la buena impresión que causó Czekolad en la última EU Masters que le sirve para meterse en mitad de la tabla.

What is really surprising is Abbedagge’s position : seventh after an incredible ‘Miracle Run ‘ in which he stood out pleasantly, fighting one-on-one against the best like never before.


Without a doubt, Rekkles tops the marksmen ranking . They are followed by Hans Sama and Patrik , two of the highlights in the Summer Split over Carzzy.

A Neon has also been good for Schalke comeback to climb positions, while rookies like Jezu will have to rise demonstrating their worth to play in LEC.


Kaiser placed second after his debut only surpassed by Mikyx . Hylissang completes a podium that Vander, now a new Misfits support , stays close to .

Labrov surprised him in the summer and has earned him to sneak into the half table ahead of Limit. Tore has lowered his benefits since his time at Splyce and is the last of those who remain in the LEC.


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