Ibai and Cristinini to lead Spain in Riot’s 3 Nations Cup

Riot Games has announced 3 Nations Cup , a national team competition that will bring the official season of their games to an end. Three European countries will battle for victory in League of Legends , Valorant , Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics .

The participating countries will be Spain, Italy and Portugal. Each nation will be represented by an influencer , except in the case of Spain, which will have two captains. Content creators Ibai and Cristinini will be in charge of selecting and guiding the national team.

Terenas will represent Italy and the new Immortals head coach, André Guilhoto will do the same with Portugal. The players who will be part of the 3 Nations Cup are still unknown, although it is expected to be revealed soon.

The Riot Games event will give importance to the generation of content, but will not neglect the competition. After all, it is one of the hallmarks of both the publisher and the LVP , Riot’s ally in yet another new competition.

The 3 Nations Cup will take place on December 7 and 8 . The semifinals of each of the games will be played on the first day of the competition. For the second will be the matches to elucidate the third and fourth place and, of course, the finals.

Al estilo de los Juegos Olímpicos, un medallero será quien dictamine el país vencedor total de la 3 Nations Cup. Edgar Medina Rodríguez, Country Manager de Riot Games para la región ibérica e Italia, detalla el significado de 3 Nations Cup.

“We live in a unique time in the history of Riot Games to be able to enjoy, together with the community, several games in different genres that offer competitive formats at different levels,” he says. “This moment, added to the idea of ​​uniting even more the various national communities, thus welcoming those who enter for the first time, leads us to the intention of creating an event where Spain, Italy and Portugal will seek to measure themselves in a tournament multidisciplinary that will mix entertainment with competition, including all our titles “.


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