how to unlock all champions of the game

One of the differences in League of Legends: Wild Rift compared to the PC version of Riot Games’ MOBA is that the number of champions available is less, although in the following guide we will explain how to unlock them all .

How to unlock all champions in the game

The mobile version of League of Legends has around 50 champions in its ranks, and all of them cost exactly the same: 5,500 Blue Motes or 725 Wild Cores . If you opt for the first option, they will be free based on playing games , but if you choose the second option, you will have to pay money to get hold of them (about 7.50 euros each).

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No obstante, hay ciertos campeones que los podréis desbloquear gratis sin tener que gastar nada. Exactamente hay 11 de ellos que iréis obteniendo poco a poco hasta llegar al nivel 10 con vuestra cuenta, por lo que os recomendamos que no paguéis por ellos ya que poco a poco los iréis incorporando a vuestra cuenta con toda seguridad.

Los campeones que obtendréis son todos los siguientes:

Nivel Campeón
Nivel 1 Garen y Jinx
Nivel 2 Ahri
NIVEL 3 Blitzcrank
NIVEL 4 Maestro Yi
NIVEL 5 Ashe
NIVEL 6 Annie
NIVEL 8 Nasus
NIVEL 10 Janna

Even so, there are also other methods to unlock champions for free, although with more rare ones. For example, completing the challenges of the temporary events that are being enabled and also with the Selection Chests that you will receive for fulfilling some special requirements, which will allow you to select the champion you want from all the existing ones.

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