How to surrender in League of Legends

League of Legends is a video game that stands out in the media for the large number of players it has and for the competitiveness – sometimes excessive – that exists between them. From the newest gamers to the professionals who play in the highest competitive category of eSports, everyone, absolutely everyone, wants one thing: to win.

However, winning every single game we play is impossible, so sometimes the best thing to do is just give up. One thing we only recommend when the game is completely impossible to overcome.

How to surrender in League of Legends

Surrender is primarily a vote that allows League of Legends players to end a game prematurely, before the nexus itself is even destroyed .

Any of the players on our team can summon surrender by typing in the chat some of the following commands: / surrender , / ff , / concede or / forfeit . In addition, surrender can be called from the options menu that we find within the game, the option will be found as: «Surrender» .

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Summoning a surrender will show all players a new pop-up window that will be in the lower right corner, usually on the minimap, and for 60 seconds the team will be able to vote whether they are for or against surrender.

At least 50% of the team must agree to surrender , if not, it will have no effect, except during the first 15 minutes where the entire team will need to agree to surrender.

What we mentioned earlier could be translated simply as: “If three members (out of five) of the team do not agree with the surrender, it will not take place.” Players must choose between themselves to surrender or not to do so by selecting one of the options, which are “yes” and “no” . If any player prefers to abstain from voting, their vote will be taken into account as a “no” to surrender.

Surrender to completion will award victory to the opposing team . If there are at least 3 players who do not agree with the idea of ​​surrendering, the vote will end in failure and will not happen, and a new surrender can be called after at least 3 minutes have passed. In case the team (three players minimum) agrees to surrender, the game will end prematurely .


The only alternative to surrender in League of Legends is to continue , and we really do not advise you to surrender in your games, in each LoL game you can grow as a player, and that is why we invite you to give your all in each of them. That is why they should give themselves completely to the game in order to get the most out of each match, reminding them that it is always possible to come back.

However, as players, we must recognize that there are games in which we may not be able to do anything but watch, so perhaps giving up, sometimes is an option.

How to do it?

Surrender in League of Legends is only possible after the first 15 minutes of the game, and as any of the players can summon the surrender by typing in the chat / surrender , it is also possible to do it from the main options menu which we can easily access anytime.

Maximum time

In League surrender is the last option , however, if the game is impossible to overcome, the best option is to surrender and move on to the next game. When calling a surrender, our team will have up to 60 seconds as a maximum time to accept the surrender , if it does not take place, we can call a new surrender 3 minutes after the vote has ended.

Other modes

In addition to the classic “ff” or “surrender to fifteen” there is a way to end the game prematurely, that is, to surrender, and this mode is the remake.

The remake allows a team to surrender in the event that a player is absent (AFK), this is a unique opportunity that will be available during the first minutes of the game, exactly from minute three, any member of the team can summon the remake by writing the command “/ remake” in the chat, and if another player agrees with the idea of ​​ending the game, it will end without any league point penalty, that is, the game will not count as one defeat.

Signs of surrender

Commonly there is usually no agreement around early surrenders , although the game is practically lost due to a superiority advantage such as: A player with three complete items, one or more team members absent , or a hard troll .

In order for early surrenders to take place, we recommend communicating to your team your desire to surrender, explaining why to do so right now and not after you’ve progressed a bit more, convincing them may be difficult, but if you succeed, you will have saved time that you could invest in another game , which if you could win.

Other forms

If the remake is available , the simplest way to convince your team to accept is to be as realistic as possible about what will happen, because although they may win during the early stages of the game, the other team will end up catching up and beating them by difference. numeric, so if they have to remake, feel free to accept it.

The conditions

The conditions for a surrender in League of Legends to take place are as follows:


  • One-or more-of the players must be absent, that is, AFK.
  • A member of the team must call the remake by typing the respective command (“/ remake”) in the chat.
  • At least one other team member must agree to the remake for it to happen.

Early surrender

  • At least 15 minutes must have elapsed since the game.
  • One of the players must call for surrender.
  • The entire team must agree to the surrender.


  • One of the players must call for surrender.
  • At least 3/5 of the team must agree to the surrender.


Giving up is fully allowed in League of Legends , however, instigating your team to surrender or purposely play poorly into doing so is something Riot Games penalizes very severely .

The sanctions can range from disabling the chat , to temporary suspensions of 14 days , and even a permanent suspension, in case of having been sanctioned recently.

So we recommend that all our readers always give their best , and surrender only when necessary, reminding them that every game can be traced , because in League of Legends you never know what can happen.


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