How to permanently delete your Epic Games Store account

We are going to explain to you how to delete your Epic Games Store account forever , in the event that you registered for some reason at the time and you have not used it again. It is a very easy and fast process that does not require much, only to be able to access your account and the email with which you registered to receive an email with the confirmation code.

What you have to know is that if you delete your account you will lose all the games you have purchased without being able to return them or receive remuneration . In addition, deleting your Epic Games account will also delete the Fortnite account, as well as the one you are using in other games that use this account to save the data.

How to delete your Epic Games Sture account


Lo primero que debes hacer es entrar en la Epic Games Store, e iniciar sesión con tu cuenta. Una vez lo hagas, pulsa sobre tu nombre de perfil que tendrás arriba a la derecha, y en el menú desplegable pulsa sobre la opción Cuenta para entrar en la configuración de tu cuenta de usuario.


Una vez entres dentro de los ajustes de tu cuenta, ve a la columna de la izquierda. Aunque es la sección a la que vas por defecto, pulsa en General para asegurarte de que estás en los ajustes generales.


Once in the general settings, scroll down completely in the options you have on the screen. At the bottom, in the Delete account section , click on the blue Request button to delete the account that will appear.


When you click on this button, a window will open on the web asking you for a security code. The code will be sent to you by email to the address you have configured in your account. All you have to do is ** copy the code in the window and click ** Confirm request to delete *** to complete the process. If you need it, there is also a button to resend the code.


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