how to get wild cores and what are they for

In League of Legends: Wild Rift , the mobile version of League of Legends, there are different types of coins with their respective functions. In another of the game guides we already talked about how to obtain blue specks and this time we are going to explain what the wild nuclei are for .

How to get wild cores

While you can get Blue Motes for free without paying anything in return, Wild Cores are the only paid currency in League of Legends: Wild Rift. You can only get them by investing real money in these items and they will not be available in any other way, not even by completing missions or participating in special events.

La tienda virtual del juego ofrece varios packs con distintas cantidades de núcleos salvajes, dependiendo de cuántos necesitéis o cuánto dinero os queráis dejar en ellos. Los precios son los siguientes:

  • 500 núcleos salvajes – 5,49 euros
  • 1.150 núcleos salvajes – 11,99 euros
  • 2.150 núcleos salvajes – 21,99 euros
  • 4.400 núcleos salvajes – 43,99 euros
  • 5.500 núcleos salvajes – 53,99 euros
  • 10.500 núcleos salvajes – 99,99 euros

Para qué sirven los núcleos salvajes

Los núcleos salvajes son totalmente opcionales y no aportan ninguna ventaja dentro del juego, por lo que podéis disfrutar de toda la experiencia de League of Legends: Wild Rift sin gastaros ni un solo céntimo.

For example, one of its uses is to unlock new champions , although for this same purpose you can invest blue specks . Each of the characters is priced at 725 Wild Cores or 5,500 Blue Motes, depending on the currency you want to use.

On the other hand, its other use is to unlock the different skins of the champions, this being the only way to acquire them. That said, if you are too interested in an alternative aspect, you already know that you will have to go through the box.

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