Heavy losses for Fortnite, 63% of iOS users abandon the video game

The war unleashed by Epic Games in recent weeks against Apple and Google reaps 73 million iOS users who have abandoned the title.

It turns out that of the 350 million gamers who have registered in Fortnite in recent years , 116 million played with the iOS operating system. A pool that represents about a third of global gamers, a much larger community than the one that expands with the Epic title on console or PC.

63% of 116 million of these users were people who used Fortnite exclusively on Apple iPhone or iPad devices and are now gone.

Considering that the minimum purchasable amount of V-Bucks, the current currency for microtransactions in Fortnite , is 1000 V-Bucks which correspond to 10 euros, considering that a skin, the costumes with which to embellish and customize the game characters, a ballet or a package cost a minimum of 5 euros, for Epic the economic damage is enormous.

It is therefore clear that the battle carried out by the company in the name of “freedom for users” is going to hit a wall of banknotes worth about a billion dollars in losses.

Given the situation Epic Games tries to speed up the times, even if the hearing against Apple is set for next September 28th, on September 5th the company asked the judge for an injunction that forces Apple to restore Fornite on iOS.

Heavy losses for Fortnite, 63% of iOS users abandon the video game


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