Have styles like Froggen’s been left behind?

Froggen could well be one of the figures who have fallen the most in the competitive landscape in recent years. The Dane, one of the most recognized figures in Europe , made the leap to the LCS in 2016 to try to win what he could not in the old continent.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Starting with Echo Fox , going through Golden Guardians , and ending this year at Dignitas Academy , Froggen has never found the right level or equipment. So the question arises: have you been out of date with the current competitive goal?

IWD y Thorin han tenido este debate en una entrega especial de ‘The Crack Down’ en la que repasan la figura del midlaner, a la par que debaten si su estilo aún tiene cabida en la escena competitiva. Thorin no duda en ensalzar su figura, alegando que es «uno de los que más ha conseguido implementar su estilo a lo largo de su trayectoria y saber mantenerlo, quizás siendo éste uno de sus méritos más infravalorados«.

IWD destaca su capacidad de jugar y entender la fase de líneas: «Muchos creen que si te están pegando mientras el otro está pegando a tus minions están ganando. Y no es así, y Froggen siempre ha sabido aprovechar perfectamente cómo funciona una línea y jugar con el aggro de los minions a su favor».

His farming style could have become a bit outdated, and that would be weighing him down. Anyway, no one denies his influence within the game: “I think he is someone innovative, someone who has inspired many . It is like Diamondprox in its day; the reason why I would include them both in a supposed list of the best of all time in Europe is that, their ability to influence others and find new ways to succeed in the game.


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