Gosu will earn more than $ 30,000

Joseph33 GosuDeen is just 8 years old but has already marked the history of Esports: the very young (it should be said) talent is the youngest professional to have been officially signed by an export company.

The boy, or rather a child, who will compete under the flag of Team 33 (a Californian professional reality already active on the major titles of the export scene and with whom Deen had already been training for about a couple of years) in Fortnite competitions , has signed a unique contract that provides for the supply of a very high quality gaming station (worth about $ 5,000) and an entry bonus of about $ 33,000.

We are extremely excited to have Joseph on our exclusive Team 33 roster.” commented Tyler Gallagher, one of the founders of the team, adding that “In recent years we have been secretly looking for talent for our roster and games and we are proud to officially announce Joseph. We have done a lot to coach him because young players are the future and we want start training them early. He has shown incredible tenacity and commitment to the team over the past two years and trained almost daily. Now everything has finally paid off and it is an important day for all of us . “

Similarly, the young Joseph is more than enthusiastic : ” It’s a dream come true! ” He commented, ” While many other teams didn’t take me seriously due to my young age, Team 33 saw me play Provided and allowed me to train with them. I couldn’t be happier today to have become an official member of the team.


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