Get FREE 115 V-Bucks in Fortnite

As many of you will already know, in this house we like to inform you every time we have  the opportunity to get a few free V-Bucks for  Fortnite , the popular Epic Games title, in a totally legal way, thanks to the Save the World mode by completing one series of missions.

As we usually do before going into details, we strongly recommend that you first complete the available daily missions, with which you can easily get between 50 and 100 extra Turkeys in  Fortnite (check in-game the daily missions available for today , but they are usually very simple).

Get 115 extra Bucks for Fortnite by beating these missions

En esta ocasión, tendremos que superar dos misiones especiales, en Villatablón y en Valle Latoso. En Villatablón tendremos que recuperar los Datos, una misión para la que recomendamos tener un nivel mínimo de 19. Si la superamos, conseguiremos 30 PaVos, además, de experiencia, entradas para eventos y demás recompensas habituales.

Por su parte, en Valle Latoso tenemos que hacer frente a una tormenta de categoría 2 en la Ruta del Rayo 99. Para esta misión necesitaremos tener mínimo un nivel 52 y, si la superamos conseguiremos 35 PaVos y el resto de recompensas habituales.

These two missions take place in the second and third areas of the game, so to have access to all of them you will have to have been playing for several hours. Otherwise, we remind you (and we recommend) that you can carry out this mission with a friend who does have it unlocked, thus being able to access the area without problems and also, of course, complete it with less difficulty. 

By completing both missions and completing the daily tasks, you can earn a minimum total of 115 V-Bucks. 


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