GeForce Now brings Fortnite back to iOS

GeForce Now brings Fortnite back to iOS

But only in web version, thanks to Nvidia’s gaming service, which exploits the potential of the cloud  

B loccata the rigid policies of Apple, which has banned from their store, Fortnite has found another way to achieve the iPhone and iPad users. All this thanks to Nvidia, which launched the GeForce Now cloud gaming service on iOS, using the Safari web browser. Nvidia and Epic Games have said Fortnite will return to iOS soon, supporting touch controls.

Il popolare videogioco aveva detto addio ad Apple ad agosto, dopo che Epic Games si era messa di traverso sul percorso che porta Apple ad ottenere una percentuale sulle commissioni ottenute dagli sviluppatori per l’acquisto di app e contenuti in-game. Secondo la software house, è ingiusto che la Mela metta in atto tali politiche, che la portano ad avere una posizione predominante sul mercato. Come risposta, il colosso di Cupertino ha semplicemente tolto di mezzo Fortnite da App Store, intraprendendo poi una battaglia legale negli Stati Uniti.

Cosa succederà adesso

The issue is now hot because it will be difficult for Apple to prevent people from playing Fortnite via the Safari browser. Nvidia uses the web engine to bring cloud games to iOS, connecting users to their data center servers, which process gameplay and send content to players. The strength of cloud gaming is precisely that it does not require end users for anything other than an entry “door” on the device, effectively bypassing third-party companies and platforms.

Yet the Apple tries, having asked cloud gaming providers to ask players to download a game from the App Store and therefore pay a commission, but Nvidia itself seems to bypass the path, using a backdoor supported by Safari, at least at the moment. .


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