Gamsu returns to League of Legends after retiring from Overwatch

The story of Noh Yeong-jin, better known as Gamsu, is curious to say the least. In fact, there are few like his in esports, not least because of how strange his career has been.

For those who do not know Gamsu, he was a professional League of Legends player from 2013 to 2016. In fact, he competed in Samsung Blue, Dignitas or Fnatic, a team with which he reached the final of the IEM Season 10 against SK Telecom T1.

However, after a short trajectory, he left Summoner’s Rift before the departure of Overwatch, the  shooter heroes and skills Blizzard, it seemed, he would burst the gaming industry.

Gamsu built a successful Overwatch career, conquering an Overwatch League Stage with Shanghai Dragons. in 2019 and reaping more than $ 70,000 in tournament earnings. Quite an achievement considering that it came from a totally different title.

Now 25, he’s back in League of Legends , as he announced on Twitter. The fact that he’s retiring from Overwatch says a lot about Blizzard’s state of the game, though Gamsu won’t have it as easy now in League.

Gamsu stood out for his ability in the  toplane , although the player himself has not stated in what position he will compete again. That if it has a hole, because, as we said, it will have much more competition than before.

Will he return to play in the lower leagues of the LCK? Or maybe on some NA or US team? It’s still a mystery, but Gamsu is back at Summoner’s Rift, and we’re convinced other pros will give him a warm welcome.


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