Galactus can be seen in the skies of the island!

After the sightings of Galactus in Fortnite by the dataminers of Epic’s battle royale, the figure of the mighty Eater of Worlds can be glimpsed on the skies of the island.

The War for the Nexus that began in Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2 , therefore, is about to reach its climax with the entry into the videogame arena of the Destroyer of Marvel. The explorers of the island of Epic’s free-to-play shooter, in fact, can glimpse the silhouette of Galactus as he menacingly approaches the setting of the battle royale.

Taking advantage of the publication of the update 14.30 , the Fortnite dataminer went in search of further clues among the inactive files of the game and, after a quick analysis, they tracked down the polygonal model of Galactus . The pose adopted by the Eater of Worlds seems to be the same that can be glimpsed in the sky, further proof of its centrality in the events we will witness in the final phase of Season 4 .

To those who follow us, we also remind you that the Fortnite x Marvel Cups with Daredevil are coming , with many bonuses and prizes for those who will participate in this new series of activities before the arrival of Fortnite Season 5 .


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