G2 Arctic announces its roster for the Superliga Orange 2021

The presentations of the squads of the teams for the Superliga Orange 2021 are being the best in recent times, and in recent days we have seen several examples of this.

It all started with Telepizza Team Queso and its  Spanish roster and its video at the organization’s house, to later see the presentation of the Vodafone Giants or Movistar Riders team, as well as the announcement of the signing of Miniduke by Cream Real Betis .

Now it was the turn of the 2020 Summer Orange Super League runner-up, as well as the 2020 Iberian Cup: G2 Arctic, a team that since entering the SLO has only grown.

And although the bar for presentations was high, the arctic samurai have pulled Claudio Serrano , voice actor for characters like Batman, to give the video a more epic and spectacular touch.

There will be 3 new faces on the G2 Arctic squad : Luis ‘Koldo’ Pérez, from MAD Lions, Bartłomiej ‘Fresskowy’ Przewoźnik, a  Polish midlaner who competed in Racoon, and Oleksandr ‘Efias’ Yankovich, who comes from Besiktas Esports.

Together with them will be the 2 pillars of the team: Supa and Oscarinin, two of the members of G2 Arctic since they signed to compete in the Orange Super League, who will continue to be accompanied by Melzhet, the best coach of 2020 in the SLO.

G2 Arctic template

G2 Arctic aspires to everything in 2021 , after a dream 2020 where they were on the verge of winning a title and advancing in the European Masters. Now, with this  roster , they will seek to dethrone the greats and establish themselves as one of the best subsidiaries in Europe.


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