“Free Fortnite” gift pack: here’s how Epic and Samsung make fun of Apple

A bomber-style jacket with a Fornite logo that recalls that of Apple a few years ago – that of the famous Think Different -, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablet and, above all, the hashtag #freefortnite printed a bit everywhere. All enclosed in a package very similar to that of the iPhone and iPad. This is the content of the “Free Fortnite” gift package that Epic, in collaboration with Samsung, sent to dozens of influencers.

Does the packaging of the gift package remember anything?

L’iniziativa nasce per festeggiare la vittoria di Fortnite come gioco dell’anno 2020 del Samsung Galaxy Store, il negozio virtuale del produttore coreano. E nel più classico rispetto dell’adagio parlare a nuora perché suocera intenda, la vittoria si è trasformata in un pretesto per portare avanti la battaglia che vede contrapposte Epic ed Apple.

Se non bastasse quanto già segnalato, infatti, all’interno del pacchetto regalo c’è un biglietto che recita “Sebbene Fornite non sia attualmente disponibile su App Store e Google Play, puoi comunque ottenere gli ultimi aggiornamenti di Fornite direttamente dall’app Epic Games sul Galaxy Store. Spargi la voce, #freefortnite”.

A luglio 2021 la querelle fra Epic ed Apple approderà finalmente in tribunale


The battle between Epic and Apple stems from the now infamous 30% commission that Apple imposes for every purchase made through the App Store . To highlight this situation, Epic launched, some time ago, a Fortnite update which provided for the direct purchase of the game currency, bypassing the App Store and related commissions.


A behavior clearly prohibited by the rules governing the functioning of the App Store and which had, as a consequence, the ban of Fortnite from the Apple virtual store. Among various vicissitudes, the legal proceeding will arrive, in July 2021, before a judge, called to judge whether the rules of the App Store represent, as reported by Epic Games, an anti-competitive restriction and a monopolistic practice on the market.


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