Fortnite will be invaded by fireworks for the New Year’s event: what happens today

The world of Fortnite has been covered with snow for several days now thanks to Operation with the Flakes , a Christmas event active until next January 5. But that’s not all: it seems that the game’s development house, Epic Games , has a surprise in store for its users for New Year’s Eve . This is the umpteenth hypothesis born following the leaks and revelations of data-miners, users who analyze the game codes to understand what news will arrive in the battle-royale. In the case of the New Year’s event, in recent days the web forums, especially Reddit, have hosted several posts containing various videos, in which you can see the sky of the Fortnite world filling up with fireworks.

Secondo molti utenti si tratta di una semplice spettacolo ripetuto a cadenza regolare nel corso delle prossime 24 ore, così da permettere a tutti i giocatori del mondo di vedere i fuochi d’artificio senza i vincoli del fuso orario. Questa sembrerebbe l’ipotesi più probabile, dato che una cosa simile è successa in Fortnite a Capodanno dell’anno scorso. Ad avvalorare questa teoria ci sono altri aspetti individuati dagli utenti, come i faretti colorati che brillano dal pavimento insieme agli spettacoli pirotecnici. La clip mostra inoltre anche una palla di luce incandescente che segue i fuochi d’artificio nel cielo. Altre riprese sono arrivate sotto forma di tweet dal content creator InTheShadeYT, who has published a video that allows you to take a closer look at the great rift that marks the sky of Fortnite. In this case, the glowing sphere bears a strong resemblance to the disco ball thrown by the 2020 New Year’s event.

Starting from midnight today 31 December, it is therefore easy to expect a simple fireworks show that will be repeated in loop tomorrow. The idea has upset some players, hoping to be able to experience a real event with specific activities. Considering that however behind there is Epic Games, accustomed to surprises for years, nothing is certain until the end.


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