Fortnite will also have its subscription and will cost 12 euros per month

In hindsight, it was strange that it wasn’t already there: Epic Games announced a monthly subscription for Fortnite, called “the Fortnite crew”. It will be available from 2 December and will cost 11.99 euros per month to provide users with a series of benefits very similar to those that, until today, the Battle Pass has provided, which will remain available.

What does the subscription for Fortnite include

The subscription includes a Battle Pass for the entire season, 1,000 V-Bucks per month and an exclusive package that will not be available otherwise. Such objects ” No on will never be sold outside the Crew or given outside the Crew ” says Epic in the FAQ dedicated.

L’abbonamento non sarà valido per tutte le piattaforme, ma sarà associato alla piattaforma (come Xbox o Nintendo Switch) su cui è stato acquistato. “Potrai accedere – spiega Epic – agli articoli che ricevi dall’abbonamento su piattaforme diverse, ma i V-buck che ricevi potrebbero non essere riscattabili su altre piattaforme.” Il Pass Battaglia resterà disponibile, mentre il Bundle Battaglia sarà sostituito da “un bundle di 25 livelli, disponibile per 1.850 V-buck”.

The Fortnite Crew subscription seems, on paper, an easy revenue stream for the company, especially for the attractiveness of “exclusive” content reserved only for subscribers. Even the language used (a “crew”, a band) winks at the youngest. The same ones that Epic Games appealed to in its crusade against Apple in a marketing campaign that launched the hashtag #FreeFortnite on social networks.

After the elimination from the App Store in August, Fortnite is still not available on iOS yet; this created an important economic damage to Epic, by virtue of the many users who only played on iPhone or iPad. On Android, it can still be installed outside the Play Store, where it has been removed.


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