Fortnite | Where to eliminate OI guards for the legendary mission

Since the beginning of Season 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2 , the weekly challenges have been accompanied by a Legendary Mission, available for a limited time in the game. This week’s mission requires players to eliminate IO guards , and here’s how to do it.


This legendary mission, like the previous ones, is recommended to be completed in a squad, since the progress that your companions achieve will also add up. For now, you will have to eliminate 10/20/30/40/50 Guards of the IO, according to the rank in which you are of the mission.

OI Guards were added at the beginning of Season 5 and appear from cube-shaped buildings. As is often the case with NPCs, they will chase and attack you if you are near them. 

You can get a certain advantage in this challenge as registering a downed OI guard will show you where the rest of the guards are on the map, so you can head to the next location and keep eliminating them to complete the challenge with higher speed.

For now, we leave you a map with the locations where the OI guards can appear in Fortnite, although remember that they will not appear in all locations in each game.

Remember that you must pass all the stages of the mission to complete the challenge.


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