Fortnite | They register errors with the payment of the 1,000 Fortnite Club V-Bucks

In late November, Epic Games announced the Club Fortnite where players Fortnite could receive several benefits, including the Pass Battle, an exclusive skin and mainly accredited 1,000 turkeys each month .

But of course, into the first days of the second month, the problems began with respect to the Fortnite Club. And is that several players have reported that they did not receive their V-Bucks in a timely manner in this second month despite maintaining the active subscription.

This month, the Club skin pack is Green Arrow’s , along with his Retro Backpack, Pico and style and with both the skin and the free V-Bucks there have been problems in these first days of January. And it is that many players find that their subscription is inactive, despite having renewed it automatically at the beginning of January.

At the moment, the only thing that is known is that the players will not receive the V-Bucks until this is fixed by Epic Games , as reported in the Fortnite Status account on Twitter. For now there is no information on when it will happen.



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