Fortnite | TheGrefg anticipates a major announcement this week

The Idol Series project in Fortnite has already given us several outstanding skins from the main references of the game community, such as Ninja, Loserfruit, Lachlan and the  largest Fortnite streamer  in the Hispanic community: TheGrefg .

But of course, for several months TheGrefg and Epic Games have been anticipating the launch of their skin in the game, and for the moment that has not happened. That is why clearly there is less and less to see and the new preview of TheGrefg gives us a glimpse that that could happen this week.

Starting his stream today, where he mainly talked about his last days playing Rust , Grefg made it quite clear that the future of his streams will not be like this. “Do not worry guys, this is the hype of the first days, I will never leave Fortnite and less now that the skin is about to come out” he commented.


” In addition, this week will come something big, so do not worry” he said TheGrefg, servingthatmight get to see the release of their skin and also the special tournament which obtain in advance, as with Lachlan’s.

There is less and less to discover TheGrefg’s skin in Fortnite, and because of how it has been anticipated, it will be one of the most outstanding and purchased in the history of the game.


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