Fortnite: The Mandalorian among the new skins, there is also Baby Yoda

For several days, Epic Games, the various dataminers are launching increasingly concrete clues on the final event of the current Fortnite Season. This means that in a short time we will also have the first information on what awaits us during the next Season 5 . While we already have a date and time for the Galactus event, the new season of the Epic title still has several mysteries.

What leaked online this afternoon, however, seems to give us a first confirmation of the contents that will await Fortnite players during Season 5. As usual, the dataminers are the first to make these news go around the web, such as for example the arrival of a new Skin entirely dedicated to the TV series The Mandalorian . As you can see in the image posted on Twitter, however, there is also an extra surprise.

Come è possibile vedere nell’immagine pubblicata anche dall’account di Fortnite News, di fianco a Manco è presente anche il personaggio del Bambino, o come è conosciuto online Baby Yoda.  Stando a diversi utenti che hanno notato la presenza del dolcissimo ma anche tremendo alieno verde, all’interno della skin proposta il Bambino non sarà altro che lo Zaino da abbinare alla skin di The Mandaloria.

At the moment there is no further information, but given the extreme precision that the data miner of the Epic Games game have always had, it will not be long before the arrival of this new skin becomes official. What do you think of this news coming to Fortnite? Believe that after a season focused on Marvel characters, now it’s up to Star Wars? Tell us your opinion about it with a comment in the dedicated section.

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